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antsAnts, especially Carpenter Ants, can cause important damage to wooden infrastructures and are considered the most destructive pests in Canada. Eradication is extremely difficult and should be left to experienced pest control professionals.

There are several different categories of ants (e.g. Carpenter Ants, Black Ants, Pharaoh Ants). Their width ranges from 3.5 to 13 mm but their length is variable. Most ants are black, some species are red or brown and others may present a mixture of those 3 colors.

• Presence of ants on the floor, counters and furniture.
• With Carpenter Ants, presence of small holes on wooden surfaces with sawdust around them.
• Finding carpenter ant nests requires a lot of time and patience. With years of experience, a professional will know where these nests are likely to be.

Most Carpenter Ant species establish their initial nest in decayed wood. But when the main nest becomes overcrowded, the ants will move the larvae and establish satellite nests.